Exploring contemporary Spanish and Moroccan attitudes and policies on immigration in a multi-cultural, historical context
Category: <span>Tangier</span>

Category: Tangier

Leaving Tangier

The Moroccan part of my trip has concluded, and I’m now beginning my adventure from Southern to Northern Spain. Overall, I would conclude that my experience in Morocco has been a positive one. I didn’t get extremely lost, I didn’t get mugged, and I managed to navigate my way through …

Appreciating Tangier

These past two days I have stayed in Tangier and relaxed from my several days of strenuous travel. I have been meeting quite interesting people at my hostel, and have just been content wandering around the medina streets with them, trying random foods, and learning about what draws other people …

Arriving in Tangier

Yesterday after a scenic drive from Ceuta, I arrived in Tangier. Known for it’s literary scholars, mesmerizing blue waters, and view of Spain, this city served as a semi-independent international zone for several years and provides a unique blend of cultures.Brief history lesson: When Morocco was divided between France and …